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    Sole Trade or Partnership from start up

    ♦ Free introductory meeting
    ♦ Help you register for VAT
    ♦ Open a PAYE scheme
    ♦ Estimate your tax bills
    ♦ Tell you when its time to go limited
    ♦ Advise you on the most effective business structure
    ♦ Help you set up a suitable bookkeeping system
    ♦ Prepare accounts within 3 months of your year-end
    ♦ Help you raise asset finance
    ♦ Assist you to maximise tax reliefs on asset purchase (timing can be critical)

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    Limited companies

    As with the sole trader we help you get started without a fuss. But companies have additional areas to deal with:
    ♦ We help you structure your share capital to maximise the dividend options
    ♦ Create tax efficient structures to reduce the tax costs of remuneration: keep more of what you earn
    ♦ Assist with the additional burden of legislation and compliance applicable to companies
    ♦ Run your payroll and deal with all the year-end forms

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    Private client work - for the individual

    ♦ We email you with a checklist to help get the data we need to complete your Tax Return
    ♦ Check the completed form with you before signature
    ♦ Provide you with a printed copy once the electronic form has been submitted
    ♦ Calculate your tax liabilities and advise when the payments are due.
    It’s quick; it’s simple, and it’s done early in the year so no last minute rush or panic

    But we do more
    ♦ Why make a will which costs more Inheritance Tax when you can make an exempt gift to an otherwise chargeable beneficiary?
    ♦ How do those with two properties “flip” residence location back and forth to reduce future Capital Gains Tax?